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Professional Training, Knowledge, & Modification

My A photo of the owner with a machine gun in Afghanistanname is Tony Garrett II. I founded Ballistic Custom, LLC to share my passion for guns with anyone who was interested. My wife watched me doing a stippling job on my XD-9 and told me it was beautiful. Before I had even finished the job, there was a Tax ID with my new companies name on it. Ever since joining the Army I have loved firearms, and all that can be done to them. They are tools that can be used to create or destroy. They are neither good nor bad, just a vessel for a creative mind. Every class given, every gun modified, and every shot fired is spawned from the belief that guns, their design, and their employment are all art forms. 

 Owner with a machine gun in Afghanistan

Forged for Combat

2 tours in Iraq and 4 tours in Afghanistan with the 75th RGR RGT have shaped my development as a shooter. Trying to be the best was an everyday occurrence, and I was surrounded by some of the best in the business. The military wasn't just a job. I loved what I did and looked forward to going back every day. It took all the work out of it, and with that mindset, I was able to excel. Looking for a little more personal development, I went the "Q" and became a Bravo because I couldn't get enough weapons and tactics. I sucked up as much knowledge as I could and realized that learning never stops. I've spent an undisclosed amount of time in the regiment(I can't give all of the details), and I've done what I could to better myself every day. I learned that I have a passion for instructing as well and that love pushes me the hardest. If I can't pass my knowledge along to my children and the community, what's the point? So through my company, I will realize my goal.